Thursday, August 14, 2008

latest car stereo technology

With the new technology of car stereo, the sound that comes out are equally to the sound of home audio stereo. Most of the youngster will have their car design to the latest car stereo technology that you can even shake inside. This new car stereo technology will have sound surrounding, Mp3 equipment and digital signal processing.

Most of the car stereo comes in a set of four components with include amplifiers, speakers, equalizer and the sub-woofer. Installing the latest car stereo system will give you comfort and relaxing when driving on along journey.


Friday, May 30, 2008

When buying a home stereo system

With the modern technology of home stereo system the system and the sound are getting better every times and even the price of today's home stereo system are more affordable which you can get more channels with a good price. Every year you can notice new home stereo system on the market and system that is more then a year old is on sales with a good discount that music lover will never refuse. Go to internet online and you can search many online company give a whooping discount and even displaying many home stereo system on their online.

When buying a home stereo system do some home works at home before proceed to the online or stereo shops. Where you want the stereo to be place and how big is your room and how often to you listen to music. What is the price that you want to pay for the home stereo systems and then decide on a central location for your home stereo system, and wires can be installed that will allow you to listen to your favorite music anywhere in your home.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Selecting the right car stereo systems

The growing demand for high-end car stereo systems with component speakers, which are available in a combination of 2 or 3 speakers. Selecting the right car stereo systems will give comfort when driving your car on a long journey. Th have a good quality of car stereo system you need good quality cabling, wiring and gold plated terminals to maintain a good quality sound.

When installing a good car stereo system is better to get someone who is expert in installing your car stereo system as a good stereo system will go a long way in attaining your goal–listening to good music at all times. I remember my friend installed a set. The sound was fantastic good, so I followed him to installed the same set in my car. The sound was not so good with hiss sound. All because of bad wiring.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Enjoy the sound of branded home stereo

When installing a home stereo system in your car the best is to find the right location where you want your speaker to be, and where it won't occupied most of the space in your car. If your home stereo speakers is not place at the right location, the sound won't give you the satisfaction you want. With the modern techlonogy you have a lot of choise finding the right home stereo for your car.

Branded brand home stereo are more expensive than unbranded home stereo but you can expected the sound thats comes out from the branded are much better and sharp. Most car of today will have subwoofer installed and two small speaker in front and two big speaker at the back or even some will have two big speaker installed at the back of their car.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Installed a good car stereo system

Most car of today's are mostly installed with a car stereo system once you purchase your car but having a good car stereo system is another things because all of us wnat to hear a good music coming out from our car stereo system when we are driving expecially a long distance driving.

Most good or well known name are more expensive but it worth while to install as is only a one time installation and you can enjoy the music until you sold your car. If you wanted to put a good car stereo system in your car, the best is to compare to other cars stereo systems or attend an expos exhibition or to a auto workshop and get more imformation about car stereo systems and which one suit best for your car and the cost if you had the budget.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The right location of home stereo for the best sound

When installing a home stereo system in your car there are things that we had to look at so that when the sound comes out won't disappointed your ears. Sometimes it is not the high quality of the home stereo you brought but is the location where we installed our home stereo as the speaker sound will depend on the amplifier and the types of enclosure we make and the wiring towards the amplifier.

The location of the speakers is one of the key factor to get the best sound quality and it must be place where the best sound comes from. When installing your car stereos system, place the speakers temporarily in various locations to find the perfect sound before you install them permanently then simply connect with a good quality cables, you don't have to spend so much money on the huge amplifier to installed at the boots of your car which take three quater of the area. I see alots of youngest had their boots with the big amplifiers install but before a year they will mostly take it down with their own personal reasons.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home stereo system inside your car

I had friends son who is very intresting in home stereo system whenever somebody said that such brand home stereo systems are of the best quality and sounds, he become very excited and started save money one of it. All his money will be spend on the home stereo in his house or bedroom and the most money he spend will be on his car.

Behinds his car boots, a home stereo was design and occupied most of the place and even the boots has no place for luggage. The design of the home stereo in his car cost him around ten thousand with most of the required items was installed. One my friends and I was travelling in his car, the sound of the stereo was very good but we coudn't stand the beats like my heart is bounching out and had to ask him to lower the sound. We noticed that he enjoy the music and the sound with his head shake.